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Learn more about your unique health needs
with topics like; finding the right healthcare team,
what screenings (tests) to ask for and more.

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Smooky says,

"the Durham Men's Clinic
is awesome guys,
check it out!"

A one stop clinic for
Gay, Bi, Transmen
& all Guys into Guys.

The clinic provides all
STI testing, including HIV.
This clinic recognizes
that good sexual health
for  guys includes
overall physical as well as
mental/emotional health.

We are a safe, affirming,
holistic and comprehensive clinic.

Clinic Location:

CMHA - Durham

2nd Floor

60 Bond Street West
Oshawa, Ontario CANADA

Sexual Health Information Links

Extensive Sexual Health Information
for Guys into Guys
It's informative and fun!

Information on Undetectable viral load
and HIV transmission

Information on PrEP and local access

Information about PEP

STI and other sexual health information

Sex and Party Drugs

Durham Public Health